Wednesday, August 1, 2007

To Catch an Heiress

Review of To Catch an Heiress, by Julia Quinn:

There's not much to say about this novel: it's a fine read, and it's altogether unremarkable.

Caroline Trent is a lovely heroine; she's got a terrific sense of humor and is just lighthearted in general, as well as well-intentioned. An orphan, shunted from relative to relative, she's pretty much had to rely on herself for company and confidence, and has done fine on her own. A bit unrealistically fine, to be honest, but that's Quinn for you--not meant to be too serious.

Blake Ravenscroft is a less strong character; he's the same old 'fraid of love, morally upright, overprotective hero one always gets. He's sweet enough, just not that interesting. I liked him, though.

So Blake mistakes Caroline for a notorious Spanish spy, because he's a secret agent or whatever, and he kidnaps her and eventually they fall in love after a few mishaps and too many arguments.

It was a fun read, though it had lots of faults. Quinn rushed everything about this--the first kiss is too early, Blake's feelings get too serious too soon, as do Caroline's. It was a decent read, with lots of humor, but essentially was mediocre. B-.

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