Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mr. Impossible

Review for Mr. Impossible, by Loretta Chase:

As cheesy as it is, and as strange as it sounds from a reviewer of romance novels, Mr. Impossible is the kind of book that makes me believe in love. And happiness. Rupert Carsington and Daphne Pembroke, two English folk far from home in Egypt, set off on a long, desert-crossing, Nile-sailing adventure to rescue Daphne's kidnapped brother. Though Rupert rubs Daphne the wrong way at first, they grow to rely on and appreciate each other, and of course are madly attracted to each other, as well.

Both characters are dreamboats. Daphne is a scholar of ancient Egypt, obsessed with her studies and a positive genius. She often bores people with her lectures, but when tested she's fearless, uncomplainig, sensible, and has a great sense of humor. Rupert is an angel. In a totally trouble-making, boyish, teasing sort of way. He's a notorious hoyden, sent to Egypt to give his dad some peace. But as he and Daphne grow closer, he proves to be not only funny, but sweet, completely forthright, unabashed, and just a plain good man. He's simple--it's Daphne who has the complexes--and together they pretty much beat all.

The word for their love is genuine. As you read the story you watch them fall in love so naturally--not smoothly, but plausibly. Their romance is filled with humor. The affection and concern between them is moving, and the chemistry is spot-on; I loved them both individually and as a couple.

Even though this book was a slow read--all the Egyptology and the narratives of rival archaeologists got really boring--the perfection of the main characters and Chase's beautiful writing won't let me give it less than an A-.

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