Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lord Perfect

Review for Lord Perfect, by Loretta Chase:

Chase comes through again with Lord Perfect, the story of a paragon and a pariah. Benedict, Earl of Hargate is a proper, scandal-free widow who lives his life by absolute rules, and encourages his nephew Peregrine to do the same. Bathsheba Wingate comes from the Dreadful De Lucey family, a line filled with thieves, con artists and whores. When her daughter Olivia lures Peregrine on a treasure hunt, Benedict and Bathsheba team up to find them, and inevitably fall in love.

Bathsheba and Benedict have phenomenal chemistry, and the “forbidden” aspect of their liaisons is plausible and titillating. The couple’s fall into romance is as fresh and understandable as can be, as are their own fear and reluctance.

I loved the characters, too. Benedict is such a prig, and therefore endearing whenever he breaks one of his not-so-ironclad rules. Bathsheba is well-meaning but feisty, and quite funny, too. But she’s best when rebelling against her Dreadful DeLucey tradition, and her daughter’s tendencies in that direction.

The smartbitches review claimed to be more interested in the kids than the adults, and I’ll admit Olivia was a riot and made a great pair with Peregrine. But I was always eager to return to the parents’ narrative, and found them vastly more interesting. The only complaint I have is about the ending, which was way too pat and easy. No amount of money could have repaired the reputation of a Dreadful DeLucey, and certainly not enough to make Bathsheba marriageable.

Nevertheless, the great writing and the perfect romance make this a fun read. Add to that the hilarious bits about Dreadful DeLucey-ishness, and you’ve got a solid B+ read. It wasn’t memorable enough to warrant a higher grade, but if there are more DeLucey books out there, I’m all over them!

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