Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lord Perfect, Discussion

I don't know how to cut a post (i.e. make it expandable), so for those of you who haven't read Lord Perfect, you'll simply have to scroll down to avoid


That taken care of, I'd like to open a discussion about this Loretta Chase novel! You can read the review for this book here.

First question: Did you prefer the romance between Bathsheba and Benedict, or the storyline between Peregrine and Olivia? Like I said in my review, I loved Olivia because she had Dreadful DeLucey tendencies, but I found the adult story infinitely preferable.

I may have been prejudiced against the kids, though, by the fact that Chase SHAMEFULLY ripped off of Anne of Green Gables in their first encounter. For example, Olivia gets mad and slams Peregrine's writing tablet on his head--blatant Anne and Gilbert!! And of course, Olivia is a "freckle-faced redhead." And THEN Olivia falls on her knees and gives Peregrine a flowery, exaggeratedly formal apology, just like Anne does to Mrs. Lynde. I mean, hello!??!! Totally AoGG.

It would've been OK if Chase had stated this, and it would have been more like she was paying homage than stealing. But no prologue, dedication, or acknowledgements section exists to mention L.M. Montgomery. A crime!!

Other thoughts/complaints/comments?

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